2010 House Rental

Let's plan our stay at the house rental. In particular, please sign up for food that you'd like to bring below and join the discussion on games or activities.

Approximate # of mouths to feed: 10-11 adults

Friday Dinner
Who's Bringing?
On Your Own (or eat before)Everyone

Saturday BreakfastWho's Bringing?
WafflesBetty & Ray
BaconSusie & Larry
EggsAnn & Herman
Juice and Veggie sausageCrystal & Scott

Saturday Lunch
Who's Bringing?
Hearty Veggie ChiliKatie & Dustin
Corn Bread Muffins and honeyKatie & Dustin

Saturday Dinner
Who's Bringing?
HamDustin & Katie
Side dishes:
Jello Carrot SaladBetty & Ray
Green bean & onion casseroleAnn & Herman
Potato casseroleLarry & Susie

Sunday Breakfast
BaconSusie & Larry
EggsAnn & Herman
Juice and Veggie sausageScott & Crystal

Sunday Lunch

Pizza Sauce
Mozzarella Cheese 1#

Scott & Crystal
Betty & Ray
Pizza doughDustin & Katie
Pizza toppings: sliced olives
pepperoni and feta cheese
Ann & Herman
Larry & Susie
SaladScott & Crystal

Sunday Dinner
CheeseburgersGround Hamburger and spices Larry & Susie

Veggieburger(s) and Cheddar CheeseScott & Crystal

BunsAnn & Herman
Monday Breakfast
oatmealScott & Crystal
raisins, dates & pecans for toppingsKatie and Dustin

Monday Lunch
Go somewhere on the way back?sounds good!

Other Items:
CoffeeLarry & Susie
TeaSusie (some)
MilkScott & Crystal
Ketchup & MustardScott & Crystal
SaltSusie & Larry
ButterAnn & Herman
BeerDustin & Katie
SyrupBetty & Ray 2 kinds - reg. and light
ChipsScott & Crystal (two bags)
CookiesScott & Crystal
onionsAnn & Herman
mayoSusie & Larry
Paper towels &TPSusie & Larry
Inflatable mattress, extra beddingLarry & Susie, Ann & Herman
picklesLarry & Susie (dill)
tomatoesKatie & Dustin

2010 House Rental

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