4th of July Camping

Flag tentHere are the details on our 4th of July camping trip.

Location: Ida Creek campground on Icicle Rd. Icicle Rd. is the first road to the right as you enter Leavenworth (right b4 the first gas station). Follow it about 14 miles (it will be a dirt road for a little bit before you find Ida Creek campground on the left). See point A on the map to the right.

Who is bringin' what?

  • Crystal and Scott can bring: Coffee, veggie chili, cornbread mix, veggie dogs, veggie beans, fake lunch meat, cheddar, bread, eggs, veggie sausages, oatmeal, smore makings and orange juice. (ketsup, mayo, mustard.) Water and fruit too!
  • KT and DustN will bring: bratwurst, bacon, sausage, stew makings, more eggs, cheese, some coffee, wine & beer, wild sockeye salmon.
  • Susie and Larry, Hoe=heather and joe are bringing: makings for hungry mans breakfast. brats, bbq beef ribs, BBQ beans, Oj, chips, , Hot coco, more coffee, wine, popcorn, and we are bringing the bacon.

Icicle Creek Camping DownpourStuff
  • KT and DustN: a tiny bit of firewood, lantern, flashlights, trailer, a canopy with Mosquito net (if needed), dutch oven, 2 burner stove, folding table, 5 gallon H2O jug, glow sticks, backgammon, frisbee, 2 small plastic cutting boards, and 3 folding chairs.
  • Crystal and Scott have a lantern, a camp stove, two camp chairs(courtesyof Beth and Damien), flashlights, Sunscreen,Frisbee, hacky-sack and Skip-Bo.
  • LSHJ are bringing some h2o, briquetts, and wood. Paper plates, Napkins, paper towels. Machette, ax and the guns.

Check out photos!

From the Bushes:
DustinScott and Joe goofing  aroundHeather and Joe
Scott and AvenKatie and AniyaDustin and Aniya
Crystal and the kidsGroup HikingSusie and Larry

Scott and AvenCrystal, Susie and Larry

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