Christmas Tree Cuttin 2011

Looking forward to another great Christmas Tree cutting weekend on Snoqualmie Pass.

Christmas Tree Cutting 2009 - Woodard Family
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The Weather Forecast for this weekend!

Christmas Tree Cuttin 2011 - Woodard Family
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Please sign up for the food or drinks you'd like to bring for the weekend:

Friday night dinner
Random Discussions:

Color coding for the typing...
Katie and Dustin: ORANGE
Jenna and Paul: BLUE
Jill and Stephen: GREEN
Cassie and Dick: RED

We're hoping to check in around 1pm Friday, if possible. I know Stephen said we might be able to check in early. We will arrive around 7pm after picking up kids in Ellensburg at 6pm

For our Living Nativity video, Jenna is going to make a "manger" out of a cardboard box and hay.

We are bringing two sleds. I think we have an old one or two...
We will bring our tobbogan + 1 sled. We r playing Santa & Ms. Claus again if okay. Of course it's OK! Wouldn't be tree-cutting without it!!! remind me, isn't there a little tree on the fireplace already? Did it have lights?

* FYI for everyone's eating pleasure our Mac n Cheese recipe is kinda low-carb (with just under 1 lb. of pasta per 9x13" pan + 1/2 cup flour). It is mostly all cheese (2 3/4 lb), cream/milk (1 qt) and Tabasco (of course). YUM

I was thinking of bringing a kid craft/activity depending on what I come up with after visiting the craft store (not on black friday!!!) You know, scissors, paste, markers...We paid the clean-up fee right?? :) hahaha Yes!!! Perfect idea! and so glad we paid cleaning fee this year!

Do we need more bacon?? We might bring our own salt-cured bacon..Sounds perfect! We were thinking it might be a good idea to cook bacon before we get there- that way we dont spend all morning cooking. We can put it in a dish in the oven and warm it up. what do you think? I am going to have all the pancakes made before hand.

PING PONG AWESOME ULTIMATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME (We've been storing the trophy all year, so we'll bring it back so it can keep "traveling.")
FYI: We have ordered fresh snow to appear at the magical time when the children spy flakes falling outside, prompting chaotic excitement involving the immediate donning of outerwear in anticipation of catching snow upon one's tongue, parents at the ready with video cameras to record the frantic location of boots and mittens.

LET'S GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mac n Cheese * Cassie & Dick
Salad greens and nuts(for those of us who are eating no carbs) :) Jenna and Paul
Other salad fixins like grape tomatoes, parmesan cheese, etc. Katie &Dustin
Garden soup Cassie & Dick
Saturday breakfast
Breakfast Casserole Cassie & Dick
Fruit Salad Jenna and Paul
Bacon Katie & Dustin

Saturday lunch
Chili & the fixings Jill & Stephen
Corn bread from Cassie & Dick corn! Katie & Dustin
Butter and molasses Katie & Dustin
Saturday dinner
Build it yourself Nachos Cassie & Dick

Sunday breakfast
Eggs and Bacon Katie & Dustin
Peanut Butter Pancakes Jenna and Paul
Fruit Jenna and Paul
Drinks & Snacks
Coffee Jenna and Paul
Beer Paul's Homebrew
Katie & Dustin 6-pack dark
Jenna and Paul - 30pk light beer
Wine Katie & Dustin 1 bottle red
Paul and Jenna 1 bottle red
Cream Cassie & Dick
Tea herbal, Katie
Hot cocoa ala stevia, Katie
Popcorn & popper Cassie & Dick
Snow ice-cream Cassie & Dick
Tabasco (green & red) & fermented tomato salsa Cassie & Dick
Creme fraiche & butter Cassie & Dick
Other items
Pens & Paper Jenna and Paul
Tree saw Cassie & Dick
Tree permits Cassie & Dick
Video camera Jenna & Paul
Santa's Magic Hat Cassie & Dick
Paper Plates and Plastic utensils Jenna and Paul
Veggie platter for kids to munch on Jenna and Paul

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