Christmas Tree Cutting 2009

Christmas Tree Cutting 2009 - Woodard Family

Christmas Tree Cutting 2009 - Woodard FamilyChristmas Tree Cutting 2009 - Woodard FamilyThis year's Christmas Tree Cutting Event is going to be the best one yet!! We are going to be renting a cozy cabin on Snoqualmie Pass from Stephen's sister, and we'll have Paul, Jenna, Katelyn and Eli with us as well! All 6 cousins together again!

Click here for directions to the cabin from the Tri-Cities!
Click here for directions to the cabin from Everett!
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Last year the event was amazing - the weather was so beautiful and sunny!

Christmas Tree Cutting 2009 - Woodard Family

Highlights included digging up Dustin and Katie's tree, seeing Bella fit in the back-pack, the baby-holding ping-pong tourney, and the visit from Santa!!!

This year we are hoping to play in some snow, too!!! And if we play our cards right, we may still be able to have dry ground by our chosen trees to cut/dig!

Christmas Tree Cutting 2009 - Woodard Family

Our youngest participants Aniya and Bella have grown and changed since last year, but not much!

Christmas Tree Cutting 2009 - Woodard Family

Please sign up if you would like to bring any food for the weekend:

Friday night dinner
Mac n Cheese (more kid friendly than lasagne) also sirloin tip roast for grownups Richard & Cassie
Big fat salad & homemade dressing Katie and Dustin
Green beans Richard & Cassie
Red wine Katie and Dustin & (Paul-2 bottles)
Hard cider (or vinegar)
Paul and Jenna
Richard and Cassie
Saturday breakfast
Eggs and Bacon Katie and Dustin
Pancakes & butter Richard & Cassie
Syrup Jill and Stephen
Saturday lunch
Chili, cornbread, butter Richard & Cassie
Saturday dinner
Beef or chicken tacos with mom and dick's corn tortillas (if I can do it!) Katie and Dustin
olives, cheese, salsa Katie and Dustin
creme fraiche, fermented tomato salsa, green salsa Richard & Cassie

Sunday breakfast
Eggs and Bacon Katie and Dustin

Snacks Paul and Jenna-Trail Mix/Veggie Tray/apples/nuts/deli meat/sugar free hot chocolate
Jill-vegie tray?
Milk Tell mom how much to bring
Coffee Paul (1 pound, already ground-Seattle's Best of course!) do we need more?
Cream Richard & Cassie
Tea Katie and Dustin/Paul &Jenna
Sauerkraut Katie and Dustin
Popcorn Mom is bringing her stove-top popper and the popcorn to pop (and oil/butter/celtic salt)

More useful info:

NEW QUESTION: Are we doing a small gift exchange for the cousins from us adults? Jill and I brought this up this past weekend. What does everyone think? Should I bring my gifts for the cousins, etc? (Paul) That's a good idea because you will all be in different places for Christmas (Jenna) Great idea! BTW the "Santa" gifts are being brought by RichardnCassie. Idea: We can do those first on Sat. morning when kids wake up- family presents show up later (mysteriously while we are gone tree-cutting. (Cassie) If Santa is showing up , wouldn't he pass out the presents he brought? (Jenna) Last yr Santa himself didn't show up but he left evidence he had been there.... sooooo, does anyone have a santa suit & want to play the role? (Cassie) OH ! haha...I thought when you guys talked about Santa coming... someone was gonna dress up ! haha. I WISH!!!!!!!!!!We're good but not that good.... yet.... (Cassie) Well...if I grow a few more inches and eat more pies, maybe I can be him next year! haha (Jenna) Don't you mean HO HO, you lovelyladyweareSOgladtowelcometoourfold!!!!!!!!!-Cassie

This year it would be great if we all brought any extra hats, gloves, scarves, mittens, snow pants, etc. to loan to Katelyn and Eli to use as snow gear.
Paul-Thank you all. Yes, I am sure they'll need everything, so the more the merrier.

Gramma Cassie and Grampa Dick will be bringing their sled, anyone else bringing one?

Any ideas for games or other activities? Katie and Dustin can bring dominoes and twister. Maybe that hilarious made-up story game that Dustin started last year (adults only after kiddos asleep) (Cassie) Apples to Apples is a great game I hear- if anyone has that?? (Jenna)

Mom and Dick are getting the tree permits on Friday for us all, $5 per family (max 2 trees/permit)! Thanks!!!
Paul--don't get me a tree permit. I'll be in Tri-Cities to enjoy Mom and Dick's tree! :) Plus, no room in my closet apartment...LOL! We will get permits for Dustin/Katie (1), Stephen/Jill (1) and us (2). Let us know if we need more.- Richard & Cassie

The plan is- Mom and Dick are going up early on Friday to scout for us- we are hoping to cut (or dig up) the trees in a snow-less area to be easier on the kiddos, and save the wet and cold snow-play for next to the cabin. That way we can get warm and dry and drink cocoa when we want to!

We heard that Santa might pay a visit to the cabin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone have a smallish Christmas tree they could bring??--from Cassie & Richard
-We have a small one - meaning about 9 inches tall....too small probably.... -kt (kt, that's what she said) (Please bring the tiny tree so we have it ready when Santa shows up Fri. night or Sat. morning before we go for our trees-Cassie)Paul--no I don't...sorry.
OK- we are going to dig up a tree, keep it alive, and plant it in the new year again- but this time it's going to work, even if we have to dig up a 12" one. We will bring a pot and therefore can use our baby tree for Santa goodies as well. Do you think that will work?? -Katie and Dustin PERFECT! I think the kiddos might find it enchanting that Santa found OUR BABY CABIN TREE under which to put a few early surprises - G'ma Cassie. We can purchase an extra tree permit for this. Let us know if this is a consensus pls so we can get the extra permit. Can you guys bring a pot for it? HOLD IT-- This from Grandpa Richard--- we really need to get up early on Sat., eat breakfast fast, and get down the road OR the good trees will all be gone. That is, if you want more than a Charlie Brown tree. Apparently we are heading into the woods for our booty pretty late in the season anyway. So the "stout" among us (hohohoho) may even head out BEFORE Saturday breakfast (I don't know who he is calling stout... :)
PAUL -- That's a great idea!!! We need to decide if we are going to do Christmas for the kids this weekend, too! Should we bring presents?
PAUL -- Katie comes thru in the clutch! Bought snow pants for Katelyn and Eli! now we just need boots for each! I will be recon on Goodwill in Bellevue this week and let you know how it goes!
Jill is going to bring possible boots for Eli (Sophia's old rain boots). Katie has extra coat for Eli just in case. Extra socks for little people will be needed. Let's all check our stock!

P.S. We have lots of extra hats & gloves we will bring for the little people -- Then we can toss all in the dryer for the next round of fun in the snow! Be sure to bring extra camera batteries (and camcorders!)- from G'ma Cassie

P.S. I like the BIG FAT SALAD aka THE Elaine! But do we ladies have to show our ANGST??? - from ? YES!
KT- me too, especially if it has bacon in it (Aniya seconds that)!!!
Paul (11/30) -- Just got my snow pants!!! YAYYYYY!!! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ready!

Christmas Tree Cutting 2009 - Woodard FamilyChristmas Tree Cutting 2009 - Woodard Family

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