Christmas Tree Cutting 2010


This year's Christmas Tree Cutting Event is going to be the best one yet (no pressure)! We are going to be renting the cozy cabin on Snoqualmie Pass from Stephen's sister again! And all 7 cousins together!!!

Christmas Tree Cutting 2009 - Woodard Family
Click here for directions to the cabin from the Tri-Cities!
Click here for directions to the cabin from Everett!
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Let's plan some food, and activities! Plan food below, and plan activities here.
Snoqualmie Cabin 2009 Tree-cutting Weekend Video!!! Thanks Paul!!!
Please sign up if you would like to bring any food for the weekend:

Friday night dinner
Random Discussions:

Color coding for the typing...
Katie and Dustin: ORANGE
Jenna and Paul: BLUE
Jill and Stephen: GREEN
Cassie and Dick: RED
Talking with Dick this past weekend - there's a lot of snow on Snoqualmie so it'll be a lot more difficult to head deep into the woods like we did last year. Keep that in mind. We had some friends that got a tree closer to North Bend and the snow wasn't as deep. We're not proposing we go all the way down there to get a tree, but we may have to drive further to do our prospecting. Meanwhile, the sledding should be EPIC!!! And the snow won't be deep enough to keep us from partying into the wee hours... Just remember in the kids' memories, their tree will never be taller or fuller, the snow will never be deeper, the sleds will never whiz faster, and they never had as much fun as they will this year. (Grampa believes that part of the magic of Christmas is a fast sled that will hold all the grandkids.) Very sweet thing to say!! LOVE IT!

Does anyone need snow gear this year that we could all share with? We are all set for snow gear! We will bring handwarmers and extra tiny gloves.

Who's bringing sleds? Katie and Dustin have one buried in the garage somewhere... We don't have one, but if we see a good deal, we will get one. We have one.

Is Santa paying a visit again this year, and should we bring a tiny tree to put gifts under?Santa Dick n Mrs. Santa Cassie for gifts

Are Mom and Dick getting all our permits again this year? And going up early to scout where the awesome trees are I heard...We are getting permits and scouting ahead of time. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie and Dustin may bring the traditional puppet show theatre, so if the cousins could find their gnome puppets they got last year and brought them for another amazing show, that would be fun! We'll locate the gnome puppets and any other "puppet-type" apparatus we can find.

Dont forget to bring the stories we made up last year... for when the kids are NOT AROUND! hahaha (think Stephen has them) I think Dustin has them. Let's plan on writing new stories, of course. Hopefully Paul steps up his game this year (WTF?) --Stephen & Dustin can't pull all the weight!

We will bring some kid movies also. Remember video cameras! We will bring a CD player for your Christmas music.

We have agreed that Christmas gifts will be given to the kids, and gifts for the adults are only allowed if homemade/homegrown/used/etc! We are not bringing presents with us. We will see everyone! Jill's and Kt's families need to exchange and also Cassie/Dick to Kt's becuase you guys wont see each other b4 Christmas, but we will give you our gifts right b4 CHristmas. Too much to organize this week!!! haha

Beef Stew Cassie n Dick
Butternut Squash Soup Cassie n Dick
Chicken Curry (legal for Jill) Cassie n Dick
Red wine Katie and Dustin 2 bottles
Cassie n Dick 1 bottle
Beer Jenna and Paul (many bottles)
Saturday breakfast
Eggs and Bacon Katie and Dustin
Nut pancakes or waffles & maple syrup Katie and Dustin
Butter Cassie n Dick
Saturday lunch
Chicken Soup Jenna and Paul

Saturday dinner
Venison w/Wild Mushroom & Juniper Berry Sauce Cassie n Dick
salad & dressing Jenna and Paul
Acorn squash Cassie n Dick
Sunday breakfast
Eggs and Bacon Katie and Dustin

Snacks Trail mix- katie and dustin
Milk 1/2 gallon- katie and dustin
Coffee Jenna and Paul
Cream Cassie n Dick
Tea herbal- katie and dustin
Sauerkraut + creme fraiche+ butter Cassie n Dick
Stevia Katie and Dustin
Hot cocoa with stevia- katie and dustin

Proposed Sledding Spot

Here's where Paul, Jenna, Katelyn and Eli (who was snoring) found a designated sledding area. It's located at the north end of Iron Horse State Park. I used Google Earth to pinpoint the exact location of the parking area. It's about a 6-7 minute drive from the cabin, according to Google Maps. Or, just follow Google Paul and Jenna there tomorrow!

The cabin on Nov. 28, 2010

Before finding the sledding area, we drove by the cabin to make sure it was still there. Looks like we're good to go! There was a ton of snow up there last Sunday night. Should make for fun times!

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