Christmas Tree Cutting 2012

This year's Christmas Tree Cutting Event is going to be a blast! We are going to be renting the same cozy cabin on Snoqualmie Pass from Stephen's sister again!

Christmas Tree Cutting 2009 - Woodard Family
Click here for directions to the cabin from the Tri-Cities!
Click here for directions to the cabin from Everett!
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Let's plan some food, and activities! Plan food below and activities below.
Snoqualmie Cabin 2011 Tree-cutting Weekend Video!!! Thanks Paul!!!
Please sign up if you would like to bring any food for the weekend:

Friday night dinner Who's Bringing It? Random Discussions:

Color coding for the typing...
Katie and Dustin: PURPLE
Jenna and Paul: BLUE
Jill and Stephen: GREEN
Cassie and Dick: RED

Rumor has it the adult boys might be interested in creating a little stop motion video, a simple one with all the kiddos contributing (and the ladies) somehow. Ideas??

Who has sleds to bring? We have one skinny one. We have 2 We have 1.

Anyone need extra warm stuff (gloves, hats, scarves, snow pants, etc)?

We will bring a simple crafty thing for the kids to do. Perfect!
Lasagne Cassie & Dick
Pickled asparagus Cassie & Dick
Vegie sticks C & D
Red wine K&D 1 bottle
Beer Jenna and Paul (selection)
Saturday breakfast
Home-cured Bacon Katie & Dustin (hopefully!!)
Eggs or nut pancakes? Jenna and Paul
Butter Cassie & Dick
Maple syrup C & D
Saturday lunch
cut up veggies Jenna and Paul
Chili Jill and Stephen
Creme Fraiche

Saturday dinner
Cassie and Dick
Pastured Turkey to roast!!! Katie & Dustin YAY from J&P & C/D
salad? Jenna and Paul
Stuffing and butternut squash Cassie and Dick
Sunday breakfast
Fruit Jenna and Paul
Breakfast casserole Cassie & Dick
Fermented salsa C & D
Milk Jenna and Paul (1 gallon raw) K&D 1/2 gal
Coffee Decaf K&D J&P regular
Cream Cassie & Dick
Tea Jenna and Paul
Stevia hot cocoa mix K&D
Cheese and nuts K&D
Extra coffee pot C & D
Vanilla for snow ice cream C & D
Popcorn & popper C & D

More Jibber Jabber: G'ma/G'pa will wear the Santa hat again, complete with Christmas Pickle & bringing sleds again. How many tree permits are needed? We need one!

More Jibber Jabber: K&D will bring mini tree again

Can those with extra paper plates bring them? We bought a HUGE stack at Costco yesterday

Up to 12 inches of snow is expected at the cabin this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

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