Christmas Tree Cutting 2013

Looking forward to another Christmas Tree cutting weekend! We'll be renting the samecozy cabin on Snoqualmie Passfrom Stephen's sisteragain!
Christmas Tree Cutting 2009 - Woodard Family
Clickherefor directions to the cabin from the Tri-Cities!Clickherefor directions to the cabin from Everett!(Hold down Ctrl and click to open in new tab/window)
Cost is $160 per family - pay Stephen (paypal may not work anymore, so check with him).Let's plan some food, and activities! Plan food below andactivities below.
Snoqualmie Cabin 2011 Tree-cutting Weekend Video!!! Thanks Paul!!!
Please sign up if you would like to bring any food for the weekend:
Friday night dinnerWho's Bringing It?Random Discussions:Color coding for the typing...Katie and Dustin:PURPLEJenna and Paul:BLUEJill and Stephen:GREENCassie and Dick:RED
DISCUSSIONS:Things to Do:Paul & Jenna have a card game for the adults to play. Aniya wants us to play Apples to Oranges (where you write your own card). We second Aniya's suggestion!Dick & Cassie are playing Santa again. Can you bring your cute little Christmas tree again Katie? Elves on the shelves anyone? Dick & Cassie bringing sled(s). How many tree permits? (Love those traditions!)Yes we will bring the little tree!! We can bring elfie if we can dig him out of our Christmas stuff in time. Hoping to bring a craft for kids to make or decorate ornaments together, something not too messy and also the big craft tablecloth to protect the table! And one sled. Woodards opting out of tree permit this year.
NO tree permit for us either. Our tree is already up! :) .

Dick & Cassie won't be there till Saturday morning because of Eastern WA low temperatures. :(

Holy Cow we made the right call! Low temps here overnight this weekend are now at 0 degrees. Pray for our chx please!
Lindberg's wont be there for Friday dinner
Hares won't be there for Friday dinner

Saturday breakfast
Coconut flour crepes w/honey, butterJ & P
Coffee and Cream J & P
Raw milkK & D
Bacon egg muffinsK & D
Saturday lunch
Raw veggie tray J & P
Parmesan crisps, smoked salmonK & D
Chili D & C
Saturday dinner
Pastured roast turkey (gluten & dairy free) D & C
Sausage stuffing (gluten & dairy free) D & C
Spinach bacon saladK & D
Sunday breakfast
Hot cereal (quinoa which is gluten free) with fruit, nuts & honey) D & C
Sausage pattiesK & D

Deviled eggsJ & P
Seaweed J & P
More seaweed :)K & D
Herbal Tea/beer/wine (not mixed) :)K & D
Coffee & grinder D & C
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