Exercise log

Name Date Activities Comments

Katie 12/31/12 10 min elliptical, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups I started!!! Have a cold though so don't want to overdo it.
Paul 1/1/13 45 jump squats (3 sets of 15), 30 lunges (3 sets of 10), 30 push-ups (3 sets of 10), and 30 sit-ups (3 sets of 10) Day 1 was excruciating. Starting out slow with some anaerobic activities. The plan is for aerobic exercise tomorrow on the treadmill.
Dustin 1/1/13 32 straight pushups
Guess I'll join in the fun
Paul 1/2/13 3.0 miles on treadmill - 34 minutes + 11 straight pushups Should've waited longer after dinner before hopping on the machine. Grueling jog but I made it. Should be able to do this in under 30 minutes again soon.
Katie 1/1/13 10 min elliptical UGH
15 min elliptical, 15 push-ups, 15 sit-ups
Still sick but felt better exercising than last two days.
40 straight pushups
Thought it would be less then last time.
1/3/13 12 straight pushups
This is my day of rest, but still keeping up with my goal of one more pushup every day.
Paul 1/4/13
13 straight pushups
Tough to get a workout in on Fridays we head to Ellensburg and back – but got my pushups in.
Paul 1/5/13 15 straight pushups Yeah did one more than I needed to but felt a little stronger, so that’s maybe a good sign my body is starting to respond in certain areas. Hope to get some more work in later today – Happy Birthday Eli!
16 straight pushups
17 straight pushups
Full leg workout tomorrow + pushup push to continue
Dustin 1/7/13 Swimming Swam a couple laps & swam w/ kids
Dustin 1/8/13 36 straight pushups going backwards
Paul 1/9/13 20 straight pushups, 30 jump squats (3 sets of 10), 30 lunges (2 sets of 10), 40 crunches (2 sets of 20) Finding it hard to stay motivated when I just want to sit home and eat and drink. I need to hit the treadmill tomorrow. Gonna eat chicken wings now and make a Vodka cocktail – haha!
Paul 1/10/13 4.0 miles on treadmill – 46 minutes + 21 straight pushups Didn’t make that Vodka cocktail last night, so I guess I earned one tonight after my 4-mile jaunt in the climate-controlled workout room :)
Paul 1/11/13 22 straight pushups Barely could complete the pushup goal. Taking the rest of the night off to go to a friend's bday party.
Dustin 1/11/13 Soccer
Paul 1/13/13 3.0 miles on treadmill / 1.5% incline average / 40 mins + 23 straight pushups After enduring the Seahawks’ loss, I found the energy despite extreme disappointment and completed somewhat of an active evening. Ready for another week!
Dustin 1/13/13 41 straight pushups
Dustin 1/16/13 46 straight pushups
Jill 1/17/13 30 min elliptical on lowest setting. 10 min treadmill walking at level 4, and 15 min weights, for back, abs, hamstrings and chest. Yayy my first day back to working out. I am trying not to over due it. I hope I don't get too sore.
Jill 1/18/13 40 minutes elliptical with higher setting. I started at level 4 and ended at level 8. Heart rate 136 -150 at the end. Then I did a quick 10 minutes of machines. I did squats(two sets of 12), chest , hamstrings and dips each one set of 12. Second day and I felt better about being in a new gym. I liked the elliptical I used this time way more. I also liked that the heart rate monitor worked. Also I didn't do abs because I feel sore from yesterday.
Dustin 1/18/13 51 straight pushups Cleared the half-century mark!
Jill 1/19/13 60 minutes elliptical, level 8, heart rate stayed at 145-150 bpm. Then weights two sets of squats, shoulder press, dips, chest press and 20 sit ups with the fit ball. Nothing much to say, glad my abs aren't still sore. But that may change after tomorrow. Oh and the front of my shins are sore. I gotta lose weight! well fat I mean.
Paul 1/14/13 23 straight pushups
Paul 1/19/13 45 jump squats, 30 lunges, 50 butt clenches after 4 days off, time to get busy
Jill 1/20/13 3.0 miles walk/jog outside on hilly terrain. it took me exactly 40 minutes then 50 sit ups, 3 sets of girl push ups (46 total), free weights 2 sets of 10 pound weights of bicep curl, overhead shoulder press, leaning over triceps press and then I did 10 jump squats. Took a day off from going to golds gym but I decided to work out anyway. I froze my butt off out side until I got warmed from my attempt at jogging. So I jogged the first half and walked most of the second half pumping my arms. Then when I got home I did weights really quickly. I got the jump squat idea from Paul. Boy those really suck... OUCH.
Jill 1/21/13 40 minutes elliptical at level 7. heart rate 135-145 bpm. Then weights for about 20 minutes. I did 3 sets of 12 of squats, 3 sets of chest press, 2 sets of flys, 2 sets of dips, and 3 sets of seated back extensions. Definetly more sore and tired today then other days. So I did everything slower. I probably will take tomorrow off or do something totally different.
Jill 1/22/13 40 minutes cardio, 5min on stair machine and 35 min on elliptical, then a few weights, squats, back, and chest and then abs on the fit ball. First day taking the kids to Golds Gym kid play place. They loved it waaayyyy more then I thought. I was so worried. They can't wait to go back! woo hoo!!
Paul 1/22/13 1 hr, 5 mins on treadmill. Covered 4.5 miles and kept my bpm around 125, which apparently is "weight loss" range. Only 45 mins left of "The Hobbit" on my audio book after 65 mins on the treadmill. Next is "Life of Pi."
Jill 1/23/13 40 minutes Elliptical level 9. HR averaged 145 bpm. Then I did leg press, chest press, seated back extention, fly's and 30 crunches on the fit ball. I had a little caffiene, which really helped. The kids went to the play place by themselves for the first time. Noah had a blast, Bella liked it but said she was a little sad :( But she said she wants to go back tomorrow!
Paul 1/23/13 1 hr, 5 mins on treadmill – 4.44 miles trying to keep bpm to 125 or less, so am nearly in a fast walk instead of a jog
Paul 1/24/13 1 hr, 5 mins on treadmill – 4.2 miles less miles because I did a speed walk for 2 miles of it, which kept my bpm at about 123ish (That makes more than 13 miles in 3 days!!!)
Dustin 1/25/13 Soccer Still couldn't run well with the knee I smashed on an icy day 2 weeks ago.
Dustin 1/27/13 52 pushups straight
Paul 1/27/13 Covered 4.5 miles in 65 mins – 120 bpm average I see my bpm dropping slightly at the same speed, so that seems to indicate improvement. Hope my waistline represents it, too.
Paul 1/28/13 Covered 4.2 miles in 65 mins – 124 bpm average I’m into it now. Work/School/Working out – in that order. Daily. Phew!

In all honesty, I've been working out some but forgetting to post to the site. I will be back tonight!

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