Swauk Camping 2010

Swauk 2008We camped at Swauk Campground in 2008. Swauk Campground is on Blewett pass, just North East of Cle Elem, about 2 hours East of Seattle. We were able to get spots and it had ample parking for the two tent trailers. There's a nice, short hiking loop trail that takes you to some cool boulders.

If you are staying in a tent, we highly recommend you bring lots and lots of warm stuff (sleeping bags, blankets, etc.) as it was cold at night.

Susie and Larry will head up on Thursday to secure spots. Hares arrive before noon on Friday. Katie, Dustin, Aven & Aniya plan on coming up Friday afternoon. Heather & Dan will come Saturday morning. Matt, Laura, Diego & Lucas plan on coming up Friday afternoon/evening.

Let's plan our camping meals:

Approximate # of mouths to feed: 8 Adults Friday, 10 Adults Saturday and a few kiddos.

Friday Dinner
Who's Bringing?
Dutch Oven Mexican Layered Casserole Dick & Cassie
fresh green beans Susie

Saturday Breakfast Who's Bringing?

Home-cured and smoked maple hickory BACON! mmmmmmmmmmmmm Katie & Dustin
Eggs (scramble with yummies?) Katie and Dustin
Blueberry pancakes (does anyone have a large griddle?) Cassie & Dick
Larry is bringing a 10"x20" grill (do you mean griddle? for the pancakes? Sorry just want to make sure so we don't have to bring our tiny fry pans)
Laura and Matt will bring a griddle

Saturday Lunch
Who's Bringing?
Hamburgers & Hot Dogs & Buns Susie & Larry
Hummus & Cheese & Crackers Susie & Larry
beans and veggies Laura &Matt

Saturday Dinner -Octoberfest Style!
Who's Bringing?
Pork Sausage Dustin & Katie
Beer Brats Susie & Larry
Sauerkraut Katie and Dustin
Dutch Oven Sausage & Cabbage Cassie & Dick
German Beer Katie and Dustin
rolls Heather
spicy mustard Dustin & Katie
Stuff for s'mores Laura & Matt
Sunday Breakfast
Any bacon left (ha ha) Katie and Dustin
Blueberry pancakes Cassie & Dick
Our first ever home grown cantaloupe! Aven will eat it all- watch out! Dick & Cassie
Blackberries from our overgrown property too :) Katie & Dustin
Eggs Laura & Matt

Sunday Lunch
anyone staying? Leftover everything!

Other Items:
Coffee Larry & Susie
Tea Katie, herbal and green
Milk 1 gal 2%(Larry), whole raw Katie & Dustin, soy Laura&Matt
Ketchup & Mustard Susie
Cheese Katie and Dustin
Cassie's Home-churned Butter Katie and Cassie
Wine Hares (1 bottle red) Susie(Chocolate 1 bottle), Laura&Matt (1 red)
Beer Hares (6-pk dark)Larry (6pk ESB) Dustin(something german :)
Maple Syrup Cassie & Dick, Katie & Dustin
Chips and homemade salsa Katie & Dustin
Cookies Aven & Aniya, Diego&Lucas
Chocolate- 4 bars & Graham Crackers Susie
Marshmallows? Heather
Salsas & sour cream Cassie & Dick
Lettuce & Tomatoes Susie
green grapes & Pineapple Susie
Paper towels &TP Larry & Susie
Hot Cocoa Heather
charcoal Dick
firewood some- Larry
glow sticks for kiddos! Dustin & Katie
Popcorn!!!!! Cassie & Dick

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